What We Do


Incubating promising ideas is the crux of progress for any economy. The Sedibus incubation program will aim at identifying early stage startups, and provide the required hand holding in the form of infrastructure, mentoring and early seeding to establish the entities.


The acceleration program at The Sedibus will propel disruptive ideas in deep tech startups under the expertise of seasoned mentors from across the industry. The approach is ‘more than money’ while ‘enabling money’, helping the founders to grow their business with the right outreach.

Networking Platform

The Sedibus is an exciting place for young people as well as innovative minds to interact, discuss and brainstorm about next big idea; an exciting network platform that provides scope for chit chat and hangout as well as connections.

Arena for Promising Partnerships

Stage is set at large for the next big idea. However, a lot entails how the ideas are grown into reality. The Sedibus will partner with likeminded institutions of higher education, corporations, people and similar entities to build on connections and networking.  The plan is to arrive at constructive outcomes while leveraging on disruption and innovation across the sectors.

Growth Hub for Strategic Sectors

Strategic Sectors are seeing a constant evolution, with technology driving the fast paced development. Most startups are now looking at reaping into the core of these areas, identifying potential gaps and envisaging path breaking solutions. The Sedibus constantly explores and filters strategy for prime focus areas that drive the economy, such as smart cities, healthcare, agritech, engineering and automation (IoT, ML, AI etc)

CoWork Spaces

coworkWith increasing number of startups, there is a huge demand for cowork spaces across the country. The Sedibus also caters to this need with suitable cowork spaces, where established companies will work along with startups and create a solid ecosystem.

Fostering of Communities

Community is as important as growing brands. The Sedibus actively involves in community engagement, accommodating common facilities that foster well being, bringing in the essence of collective progress.

Creating Sustainable Enterprises That Shape the Future

Entrepreneurs need boost in what they do. The Sedibus aspires to work along with the hustlers in the space, offering convenient options and forums that connect them to better leads. Shaping the future is what defines good, disruptive startups. Our team keeps eyes and ears open to constantly offer push to such entities.

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