Signature Programs

The Sedibus conducts various interactive programs that pave the way for next level, identifying and closing existing gaps.

Speaker Series

The Sedibus Speaker Series is our signature program that will have speakers from across the industry sectors who will come and interact with businesses and startups in Vijayawada and Amaravati on several touch points. We aspire to bridge the existing gaps. connecting local entrepreneurs to the best of mentors through this initiative.

Demo Days

The Sedibus hosts demo days based on investment specific agendas. Some of them include. Fund Your Market. Meet the Investor and Get Your Money. Specific investors are identified from every sector who is invited for the closed d

Hustle Talk

We kicked off Hustle Talk. new series of interactions between startup founders and students inside the campuses in Andhra Pradesh. Hustle Talk is a platform aiming to jump-start dialogue between startup founders and the students. share struggle stories. highs of entrepreneurship. scope. and potential of innovation


Bootcamps give great scope for the startups to showcase their ideas, all while taking part in the mentor conversations. This is a critical ground level activity planned to bring ideas to light, while advising and channeling the future path.

Mentor Program

A mentor is very crucial for a rookie impresario. The mentor program brings in the best of leaders and growth hackers who will analyze the prospects and potential, offering valuable suggestions and recommendations.


What better than a Hackathon for the deep techs? The Sedibus Hackathon calls on and showcases the best of breakthrough in technology. Talent pool is built by means of this event to establish a formidable connect with the bigger players in the corporate world. Best of ideas in the thriving stages are also considered for acceleration by means of this activity.

Innovation Accelerator Program

Exclusive event that brings potential investors to listen to the pitches of the sustaining startups, The Sedibus innovation accelerator program provides scope for further rounds of funding, growth and mentoring.

College Pitches

Entrepreneurship begins from college. College pitches are conducted to help understand the innovative pulse that exists in the young students, thereby welcoming them to the world of startups by way of knowledge sharing.

The Sedibus Scholarship For Exceptional Academic Performance

At The Sedibus, we encourage academic excellence. Sri Y Harish Chandra Prasad, Founder & Chief Mentor of Malaxmi Group presented a scholarship of Rs 20,000 to Miss B Sree Sesha Sudha Gayatri from Andhra Loyola College for her outstanding performance in M.Sc(Physics). Every year, Malaxmi Group offers scholarships to two meritorious students for their exceptional performance and appetite for entrepreneurship and innovation. This initiative is carried out as part of The Sedibus.

Smart City Drives

Focusing extensively on the concept of smart cities, drives are facilitated to connect with the relevant professionals and their upcoming entities. Cross interactions with market leaders and champions will enable in honing the thought processes.

Ambassador Program

If you are a startup champion in yourself, you are very welcome to join our ambassador program, becoming our active torch bearer while gaining access to the important networks. Promising entrepreneurs can even consider applying for our acceleration program.

The Sedibus FindAThon

A singular event conducted to find the startups with ideas that define next league, FindAThon is also much more than that. We are talking about recognition, mentoring and funding if the idea is worth it.

Campus Disruptive Challenge

Campuses bear most of the fresh thoughts, and The Sedibus aims to tap the best in the nascent stages. Campus disruptive challenge helps to find the next potentially disruptive idea that could redefine the way technology impacts civilization.

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