Portfolio Companies


Thrillophilia is India’s biggest online platform for activities related to travel experiences. They now have 8000 plus activities from 3500 plus operators across 200 plus cities in India and 15 plus countries in Asia. With over 2000 customer reviews on the platform, Thrilliphilia has built transparency and credibility for the end users. Their product teams hand curate operators and activity providers to ensure that each customer gets a delightful experience.

As a successful online company that curates travel experiences across the globe,  Thrillophilia now has 10,000 plus travel experiences in more than 25 countries, offering instant booking with suppliers real time, and exceeding expectations.

Location: Bengaluru


A venture of Iradium Automobiles Private Limited, Spareshub is a team of motivated professionals chasing the dream of redefining the Indian spare parts distribution industry as we know it. The company was started in 2013 in Pune and has been growing since then. SparesHub.com aims to solving the problem of spare parts availability in India, especially in the non-metro and smaller cities. SparesHub.com is totally committed to 100% customer satisfaction and is growing fast to reach out to maximum numbers of customers.

 The company has tied-up with the leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of automotive spare parts to offer the largest variety of products at the best possible price. It aims to become the largest online marketplace of spare parts & services in India within the next three years.

Location: Pune

Currently known as Vehito, SunwizTech Systems is a Indian startup, based in Bengaluru. This highly enterprising team consists of passionate software professionals and technical engineers, who are keen on developing a product – Vehito, which provides a strong platform and helps vehicle manufacturers, auto component distributors, Garages to ensure that the end customers’ vehicle is always a Perfect Go. Sunwiztech bridges the multiple channels among all the partners to ensure that all vehicle owners are at peace about the upkeep and maintenance of their vehicle.

Location: Bengaluru


First ‘Do it Yourself’ event ticketing tech platforms in India and among the world, Explara has begun its journey moonlighting from London to start a DIY event ticketing platform. The company has started its operations in India with product development in 2008, and launched the first of its kind DIY event ticketing platform in 2009. They then slowly transitioned the platform to focus on business and technology segment, thereby launching offline/at the venue event registration and payment processing. In 2014, Explara achieved a breakthrough milestone, serving 2500 events and receiving an acquisition offer of half a million dollars. They have now expanded globally, with 50,000 plus customers and 2 million plus attendees.
Location – Bengaluru

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