Key Milestones

Visit of Mr John Sculley, Former CEO, Apple Inc.,Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

“Highly appreciate the kind of work you guys are doing as startup ecosystem at grassroot level” humbling words from Mr John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple Inc,noted Serial investor and visionary.Mr and Mrs Sculley spent good time at The Sedibus Accelerator in Hyderabad on 10th August 2019. Mr Harish Chandra Prasad, Founder & Chief Mentor, Malaxmi Group explained about the Group’s vision of Malaxmi in nurturing mind, body and soul to the guests. Deepa Balasubramanian, CEO, The Sedibus then took Mr Sculley through the roadmap of The Sedibus, explaining the need for inclusivity while coexisting with other ecosystems to identify essential industry access and funding for the startups.

Visit of MTI Singapore Officials To The Sedibus Accelerator, Hyderabad

Key officials of Minister of Trade and Industry (MTI) Singapore paid a visit to the Malaxmi Group’s Corporate Office and The Sedibus Accelerator in Hyderabad on 29th August 2019. Francis Chong, Senior Director, Emerging Markets Division & Amaravati Partnership Office, Audrey Tan, Director, and Muhammad Firdaus Bin Muhammad Ali, Development Partner, Amaravati Partnership Office met with the Senior Management Team of Malaxmi. Sri Harish Chandra Prasad, Founder & Chief Mentor of Malaxmi Group briefed the Singapore visitors about various initiatives undertaken by the Group, most recently into Education and Startups. Deepa Balasubramanian, CEO, The Sedibus briefed the visitors about roadmap for startups and way forward plans to grow the ecosystem. Sandeep Mandava, CEO, Malaxmi Property Ventures discussed about Property vertical and future plans with the team and Kishore Kumar, Head of Education shared further plans.

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