With a move to trigger innovation and entrepreneurial thinking within campuses, The Sedibus, Malaxmi Group’s complete startup ecosystem has launched its first Innovation Zone at Dhanekula College of Engineering & Technology at their Ganguru campus. A Memorandum of Understanding was exchanged between Deepa Balasubramanian, CEO, The Sedibus and Dr. Ravi Kadiyala, Principal, Dhanekula College of Engineering & Technology in the presence of Chief Guest, Ramakrishna Dasari, CEO, Efftronics Systems Private Limited & Vice Chairman, CII Andhra Pradesh, Sandeep Mandava, CEO, Malaxmi Properties Realcon Pvt Ltd, and Mr Anish Dhanekula.
Innovation is a mini incubator model envisaged by The Sedibus to be implemented across several Engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh to foster out of the box thinking, idea validation to prototype, signature programs on startup entrepreneurship and continued interaction between students and industry mentors. This is a custom fit model for campuses, offering them easy access to mentors from promising domains while enabling innovation in a smaller maker space. The core components of this Innovation Zone will be maker space within the campus with requisite infrastructures such as computer lab and other equipment to innovate depending on the progression of ideas, connect with mentors and industry to lead the process of building prototypes and procurement of use cases for real problem statements from the corporate. The Sedibus intends to accomplish key outcomes such as 5 ideas in six months, 12 business plans in a year, 2 to 5 matches with industry and corporate through these zones. Mr. Dasari commended the efforts of The Sedibus and reiterated on the need to innovate and derive value while speaking to the students.
“The idea behind establishing an innovation zone is to stimulate the minds of students to start working on prototypes in a proactive manner, with quicker outcomes. The mini incubator model is also easy to implement in the campuses that have smaller spaces for innovation and still want to explore industry and mentor collaboration through us” said Deepa Balasubramanian, CEO, The Sedibus.
“We are extremely keen to see some of the disruptive and market ready prototypes emerging from the students of Dhanekula through this collaboration with The Sedibus. There is plenty of scope to invent, reinvent and reap futuristic models in technology” said Dr. Ravi Kadiyala, Principal, Dhanekula Institute of Engineering & Technology.